Chinese Swordsmanship

The sword (jian) in traditional Chinese martial arts

Sword combat in Chinese martial arts is often wrongly associated with the light and flexible swords of modern wushu. Martial artists, trained with a real heavy sword, have learned how to use it. Those, who use a light wushu sword, will encounter serious problems when using a real sword.

This was exactly the reason why the so much lighter wushu swords were introduced by the communist party under Mao in the 50s. The old warlike tradition should be brought to an end with this measure for fear of a strong fortified people. This had an effect on all areas of traditional Chinese martial arts. ”Modern wushu“ was born. Martial arts masters, continuing to teach the traditional methods, had to flee and were threatened by death.

The weapons used in “modern wushu“are not exact presentations of original Chinese weapons. Also the demonstrated techniques and performances have nothing in common with the basis of historic Chinese swordsmanship.

Historic correct techniques, as fostered by the Society of Chinese Warriors Int., are taught in traditional Chinese swordsmanship, techniques used on the battlefield.

Im traditionellen Chinese Swordsmanship, wie in der Society of Chinese Warriors Int. gepflegt, werden historisch korrekte Techniken vermittelt, Techniken die auf dem Schlachtfeld verwendet wurden.