The objectives of the Society of Chinese Warriors are the teaching, preservation, research and quality assurance of the Chinese art of war. (wu yi).

This includes the teaching of the historical and cultural background of Asian martial arts.

International branches with international representations shall be set up. Each representation gets based on the example of the “Eight Banner Army” its own banner. Many national and serious institutions fight a regionally limited (short-sighted) battle. This battle is being lost in the long term. The access to international seminars and workshops for practitioners and interested people shall be made easier and be guaranteed on a long-term basis with this network. Also the international collaboration and co-operation shall be promoted at the same time.

This way we are able to follow our interests to preserve and to research the appropriate remains of the arts of war (wu yi) for the benefit of future generations. This effort shall take the art and tradition of these “old warriors” into account.