Sword etiquette

Handover of a sword

Handover of a sword without a scabbard
The blade is directed upwards – the hand of the owner is moving in the direction of the pommel – the hand which is taking over is reaching directly under the hand guard.

Handover of a sword with a scabbard
The owner is holding the sword with one hand at the scabbard (horizontal) and with the other hand at the sword hilt – and should release the grip only when sure, that the other person is holding the sword securely.

Looking at another sword

Always ask for permission as a matter of principle. You should think carefully, before asking some people.
Treat the sword better than your own if permission is granted. Do not touch the blade.

Drawing the blade

A dao (sabre) is drawn with the scabbard upwards and a jian (sword) is drawn horizontal. It is best to draw the scabbard from the jian and not the jian from the scabbard. The blades stay longer sharp this way and there are no scratches.