Imperial exams

Qing military exams

Exams in Chinese archery, following the strong rules of the Qing military, are taking place on a regular basis and at different levels for the first time worldwide after the fall of the Qing dynasty at our Society.

Each candidate has six arrows. To pass the examination, at least 2 arrows must hit a target (1,92 m x 0,90 m).

This examination took place at a distance of 123 m. The distance  were reduced to 77 m in 1693, to 46 m in 1760. Also important in this examination is the style of the Manchu archery.

If one arrows hits, an assistant near the target makes a note  of it, the drum and the snail horn sound, while another assistant near the chairman takes a baton and puts it into a wooden little pail. This makes it easily to see, how many arrows hit and how many fail.

All these three examinations you can do with us. The examinations will be certified by our society and are worldwide unique. These certficates vouch for quality.