Archery technique

Pulling of the bowstring

Antique Thumbring

In contrast to the “Mediterranean pulling of the bowstring“, where the string is pulled with the so called three-finger-technique, the pulling of the bowstring in the “Mongolian way“ takes place with the thumb by means of a thumb ring. The string is “mounted in“the thumb and pulled, the arrow is fixed to the bow with the index finger of the other hand. This traditional method can be found across the whole Asiatic area and developed out of the mounted archery. The three-finger-technique is instead being used in the archery sport of today.

Arrow resting

Arrow resting takes place on the right hand site of the bow in contrast to the classical “Western Style”.

The anchor point

This archer of the 18th century gives us a real insight in the methods of Chinese archery. The anchor point is, when fully pulling the string, at the shoulder joint of the pulling arm to develop the mechanical effect of the bow fully. The shooting arm moves prominently backwards. This movement serves to take the bow again in a flowing way out of the quiver and shall ensure the fast “reloading” of the bow.

Historic military archery

Apart from the static perfecting of the shooting techniques it is shot tactically while walking, running and kneeing. Since the archers of the Qing army were also feared in the retreat we also train to shoot backwards. The purely static, competition oriented archery of today has become in contrast to its original purpose a modern sport.